New York Local Moving 

Sooner or later, almost in every family that day comes – time to move! Since it happens once in a while in your life, and we do it every day, let us surprise you with a pleasant experience.

For many years, we’ve been trustfully invited into the homes of thousands people to help them move across New York, thoroughly taking care of their valuable possessions.

We believe that we’ve established a new level of service standards that we consider to be a Fine Residential Moving Art.

We’ll meet all your moving needs and expectations before they may occur to you.

Through years of experience Bee Moving Inc. has developed a unique system, which is designed to determine our clients moving needs and based on individual approach deliver custom made moving services.

Such personalized moving experience strategy includes thorough planning of moving details. Our relocation consultant will discuss, a time frame of the move, advance box delivery, disassembling and reassembling oversized furniture items, packing and wrapping specification, appliance services, special care items, submission of insurance requirements, short or long term storage solutions, flexible methods of payment and consideration of all possible circumstances what may have influence on a smooth transition.

How much is to move?                                                                                                

We hear that simple question quite often, here how it works 
There are two options to get a moving quote:  

-Hourly-rated moving with probable cost of services.                                              

-Flat price moving or “Written Binding Estimate” with exact cost of services.

Hourly-rated or straight time moving is a simple hourly labor charge, based on the number of movers involved, including moving van with supplied equipment. Hourly charge starts when movers arrive to a pickup location and finish when the services are completed by movers at delivery address.

Travel time usually added to the total quantity of labor hours according to a driving distance. If requested, accessorial charges including cost of packing supplies, tolls, additional valuation (liability) and special services may apply. Upon completion of hourly based move, customer always gets a copy of Order for Service and Household Bill of Lading with the detailed description of charges.

Flat Price Moving or Written Binding Estimate By Household Goods Carrier is the all inclusive total price for the whole moving job, clearly stated before the actual moving procedures.  After we schedule an onsite estimates with our client, a Certified Estimator will do the visual inspection and prepare a moving inventory list.

Flat Price Quote is generated according to inventory list of items to be moved, services performed and loading & unloading conditions. In order to be effective Flat Price Estimate must be under following guidelines:  -Binding Estimates shall be in writing, signed, and dated by mover and shipper.

 -Binding Estimate shall be based on a physical inspection of the items to be moved

 -The Written Binding Estimate form shall contain clear total price for the move along   with the list of services specifically to be performed and covered by the mover.How to decide what type of moving is right for you? It all depends how big is the job, how long is the driving distance, what are the loading & unloading conditions, what level of packing services required.  

Despite all composing ingredients of moving quote, we offer flat price along with onsite estimate to every single customer. It gives mutual piece of mind and eliminates all surprises, because the price is well known and the services already planned and discussed. On-site estimate is a great opportunity to meet your mover, ask questions and get useful advice.

To learn more about our best possible local moving options speak to our relocation advisor, call now:
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Moving: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, New York!
Moving: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, New York!