Long Distance Moving

Let’s keep it simple - you enjoy sightseeing traveling across the States, and we will do the rest! We will provide the most controlled and enjoyable move for the lowest possible cost.

We have established full service moving operations from New York to all directions within continental USA. Every week shipments are delivered to our main points of destination: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Arizona and California.

We provide truly unparallel Custom Critical Next Day Delivery Service along the East Coast.

The main advantage of such service is the next day delivery to any State along the East Coast from Maine to Florida. So if you need to move today and be in Georgia tomorrow with all your household possessions – let our movers follow your schedule!

How much it cost?

Most of our long distance moving jobs performed on a Flat Rate Basis. We recommend to all our clients to get an on-site estimate in order to receive the best and the most accurate price quote. Flat price or Written Binding Estimate is basically all inclusive quote known before the actual move. The on-site estimate is absolutely free with no obligations.

Our certified estimator will perform visual inspection reflecting every single item on a moving inventory list. Flat Price Quote will be generated according to inventory list of items to be moved, services performed and loading & unloading conditions. In order to be effective Flat Price Estimate must be under
following guidelines:

-Binding Estimates shall be in writing, signed, and dated by mover and shipper.

-Binding Estimate shall be based on a physical inspection of the items to be moved.

-The Written Binding Estimate form shall contain clear total price for the move along with the list of services specifically to be performed and covered by the mover.

No matter how far you move, we will get your belongings cross-country on time, safely and securely.
Take advantage of our specials on free storage in transit, guaranteed pickup date, full packing services, fast delivery and industry lowest prices.

Speak to our relocation advisor, call now: (212) 586-2300 or (718) 246-8000.

Moving: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, New York!
Moving: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, New York!